Moving Office? – Don’t order office stationery till you’ve spoken to Clear Telecom

Moving office can be a stressful and disruptive time for companies and often the telephony side of the business can be overlooked, but there are important questions that you need to consider as part of your office move. Can I keep my phone number? Is it the right time to move to the ‘Cloud’? What is best solution for my business?

The first question you need to ask yourself is ‘how important is my business telephone number to me?’ – if it appears in all your advertising and you gets lots of repeat business from customers who have your number on speed dial, then obviously the number will need to be retained, if possible. If you want to keep your business telephone number because ‘it would be convenient’ then a discussion with a telecoms provider could help you make the right decision for you. So how do you know if you can keep your business number? Well the short answer is you can, but there are various considerations and you need to use a telecom company that experience and technical proficiency in making that happen. Traditional telecom numbers are allocated in ‘clusters’ within the telephone exchange so if you are moving premises to within the same postcode you will almost definitely be able to keep your number.

A telecom company that has access to the Openreach portal, like Clear Telecom, will be able to tell you whether you are moving to the ‘same cluster’ and whether your number will be available. If you are moving outside of your ‘cluster’ there is still plenty that can be done – we can arrange to have calls forwarded from your established business number to your new number but there is a cost attached and you may decide your current business number is not that important to you. If you decide on a Cloud-based solution then we will be able to port your business phone number across to wherever you move to and this may be a solution for those moving outside their ‘cluster’. Moving office is certainly a good time to re-evaluate all your telecoms requirements. You may not want the expense of having new lines installed at the new premises and decide now is the time to move across to the Cloud. However, moving your telecoms to the Cloud is dependent on fast fibre connections, but Clear Telecom are able to check the speeds available to you.

Finally, a quick word about office stationery – it is fascinating the number of companies who get their new office stationery printed before organising their telecoms. Contact a telecoms provider in plenty of time before the move to discuss your options, wait until you have a definite phone number and then order your stationery.

If we can help your business move it’s telephony infrastructure, call us on 01702 512990.

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