Panasonic IP Video Telephony

Clear Telecom takes IP video telephony to the next level for businesses

At Clear Telecom, we pride ourselves on offering small and medium businesses telephony solutions that will have a big impact on the way they communicate, both internally with employees and externally with customers, suppliers and partners. That’s why we team up with the best telephony suppliers in the industry. We want to help transform the way your business engages with people over the phone. Our latest offering is the superb range of Panasonic video IP solutions that offer a breadth of features to help make business communication better.

Panasonic’s latest line of IP Video telephony systems offers businesses cost savings, without compromising on the quality of service. The reliability of Panasonic products is exceptional and the latest systems offer crystal clear HD sound, bright LCD displays and touchscreen capabilities, in an affordable package. It’s even possible to have a 3-way video conference with 3 images displayed, helping to support business communication and collaboration. You can also connect an IP camera, to help visually monitor sites where your employees might be working, be it an office environment or a factory floor.

The feature list of the latest Panasonic IP video telephony range is extensive:

• Built in video cameras
• Multiple-line IP solutions, for up to 16 SIP accounts
• Touchscreen LCD displays
• HD sound
• Built-in BlueTooth capabilities
• Support for UC features including BroadSoft
• Programmable features
• Call forwarding, holding, transferring
• Caller ID, call block features
• Programmable phonebook

If your business is considering upgrading its telephony systems, the Panasonic Video IP range offers future-proofing and a packed feature-list to make communication more effective.

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