We know that successful businesses depend on their telecommunications and that is our top priority. We would never compromise reliability and that is why we use BTs Tier One managed network.

There are plenty of low-cost suppliers in the marketplace, but if you are looking for true value for money then reliability with wholesale prices is definitely the best all-round option. Inferior networks can cause poor connections and drop-outs – the last thing you need if you are trying to promote a professional image to potential customers. Customer service is as vital to your business as it is to ours. We use an Ofcom-approved billing and metering system so you can be assured that you receive accurate and concise itemisation of all the services we provide.

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Frequently asked Questions

We use BT’s tier 1 wholesale network, which means you get UK’s best and most reliable network.
No, but in the event of a fault Clear Telecom offers an ‘override’ option giving business continuity whilst the fault is being investigated.
No the contract is 12 months and if you are not happy within the first 3 months you can move away.

Why this product/service?

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    Reason 1

    Reliability is our top priority.

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    Reason 2

    We offer excellent reliability, at reduced wholesale prices.

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    Reason 3

    Customer services is as important to us as it is to you. We minimise poor connections and drop-outs.

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    Reason 4

    We use an Ofcom-approved billing and metering system, for accurate and concise itemisation.

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    Call Savings
    Clear Telecom’s call savings package enables you to significantly lower the cost of your calls without any additional hardware or changing the way you make or receive calls.

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    Line Savings
    Significantly reduce costs on existing or new line rental and service charges. Direct access to the BT Openreach portal means our helpful team manage your lines at wholesale prices.

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    We use Ofcom approved billing to produce our unique colour management reports. These reports allow you to see your call costs at a glance and enable you to track usage.

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