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Clear Telecom’s call savings package enables you to significantly lower the cost of your calls without any additional hardware, or changing the way you make or receive calls.

Successful businesses realise that every telephone call coming into their offices could be potential business. They also know that when calls keep ‘dropping out’ it is not a cost-effective way of working and damages the reputation of the company. That’s why they choose a quality network for their calls.

Your business can have the best of both worlds by letting us reduce your call charges, but not at the expense of quality. We have a wholesale agreement with our providers, BT Wholesale, meaning we are able to make their Tier 1 network available to you at wholesale prices. We are able to offer up to a 35% saving against most other providers and switching to us is totally seamless.

To obtain a no-obligation quote give us a call and we’ll look at your current telecom bill and analyse your current call tariff to all destinations and all your service charges. We will then analyse where we can make savings and provide you with a cost comparison, versus your current tariffs.

We use an Ofcom-approved billing and metering system so you can be assured that you receive accurate and concise itemisation of all your calls.

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Frequently asked Questions

By switching to Clear Telecom we can offer you wholesale prices.
Significant savings can be made by taking advantage of our wholesale pricing scheme.
Our calls are over the BT wholesale network so no difference in reliability or quality – simply better value for money.
It takes approximately 10 working days to switch to us and is totally seamless – you won’t even notice it happen.

Why this product/service?

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    Reason 1

    Significantly lower the cost of your calls without any additional hardware

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    Reason 2

    Let us reduce your call charges, without compromising on quality.

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    Reason 3

    With access to BT’s Wholesale network, we can offer wholesale prices, often 35% less than most other providers.

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    Reason 4

    We can analyse your current package, with a no-obligation quote.

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    Line Savings
    Significantly reduce costs on existing or new line rental and service charges. Direct access to the BT Openreach portal means our helpful team manage your lines at wholesale prices.

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    By using BT’s managed network you can relax in the knowledge you’re using a secure and reliable service supported by BT wholesale, the UK’s largest and most experienced supplier.

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    We use Ofcom approved billing to produce our unique colour management reports. These reports allow you to see your call costs at a glance and enable you to track usage.

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