We use an Ofcom-approved billing and metering system to produce our unique colour-coded management reports. These reports allow you to see your call costs at a glance, track usage and be assured that you receive accurate and concise itemisation of all your services.

Our billing system consolidates all your services including calls, line rentals, broadband and system maintenance services, enabling today’s modern businesses to monitor all its telecoms expenditure – even down to a single call. Each monthly invoice will show a summary of usage, by site. It will also breakdown the usage of each telephone line, and highlight the most expensive calls and the most called destinations.

When you receive your monthly phone bill, in addition to seeing a reduction in your overall telecom costs, you will have access to a useful business tool. You’ll get a better view of exactly how staff are using (or abusing) the phones.

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No – we save you the hassle by emailing it to you.
Yes every one, along with management reports for you to track usage.
Yes we can, all sites are individually itemised for easy account management.
Our management reports will enable you to easily spot any suspect calls, ie 09 premium numbers or particularly long calls.

Frequently asked Questions

Why this product/service?

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    Reason 1

    See all your telephony expenditure, in our colour-coded management report.

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    Reason 2

    Analyse your business usage by site and by line to analyse the most expensive calls

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    Reason 3

    Our management report is a useful tool to help you reduce costs in the business.

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    Reason 4

    See how staff are using (or abusing) your telephony equipment.

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    Call Savings
    Clear Telecom’s call savings package enables you to significantly lower the cost of your calls without any additional hardware or changing the way you make or receive calls.

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    Line Savings
    Significantly reduce costs on existing or new line rental and service charges. Direct access to the BT Openreach portal means our helpful team manage your lines at wholesale prices.

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    By using BT’s managed network you can relax in the knowledge you’re using a secure and reliable service supported by BT wholesale, the UK’s largest and most experienced supplier.

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