Leased Lines

Leased lines are the alternative to the standard ADSL and FTTC fibre broadband services. They are higher grade dedicated lines, which can handle much larger amounts of data at greater speeds.

If you are a ‘data hungry’ business then leased lines particularly come into their own, but it is also a good alternative for when fibre broadband is not available. Leased data lines fall into three categories. Ethernet, GEA (Generic Ethernet access) and EFM (Ethernet first mile).
Depending on your particular requirements, Clear Telecom can match the best leased line product to your needs.

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Frequently asked Questions

Yes – we supply and fit Cisco routers.
Clear Telecom can provide one of our leased line products to match your needs.

Why this product/service?

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    Reason 1

    Our Leased Line products are future proof and scalable. Suitable for providing access to Internet based business applications or converged Voice, Data or Video solutions.

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    Reason 2

    Our direct access to BT Wholesale means we can offer leased lines at wholesale cost.

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    Reason 3

    If you are ‘data hungry’ then leased lines will help your business to perform and become more productive.

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    Reason 4

    Dedicated provisioning manager throughout installation.

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