Broadband, Leased Lines, SIP and VOIP

Clear Telecom deliver an award winning, high quality and affordable broadband solution for businesses of all sizes. Our cost-effective broadband services are highly reliable and quick, with superfast fibre where available.

Our leased line products offer superior speed, bandwidth and reliability, wiith guaranteed upload and download speeds. For businesses who have large data requirements, these lines help improve performance and productivity.

Leased lines can also be a good alternative to traditional fibre broadband (FTTC) when it is not available.

As we have direct access to the Openreach portal for line fault management, we are the obvious choice for superior broadband provision.

Fibre broadband services are now becoming available throughout the country and will give you the potential to transform your business. Give us a call today to see if fibre is available in your area.

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    Leased Lines
    Our direct access to the BT Openreach portal means we can supply an ADSL broadband line at wholesale cost.

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    Fibre Optic Broadband
    Our fibre optic broadband services provide significantly faster speeds than the UK’s average broadband.

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    Business SIP Trunking
    We can future proof your business and start saving on your calls and line rentals with the very latest IP technologies.

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    Business VOIP
    Our business VOIP solutions combine your voice and data together on a single, secure network foundation.

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